At PLANT by Packwood, we believe that sustainability means working together to build a future in which our Earth’s ecosystem can thrive, and in which resources are not overused for purposes of perpetual personal gain.

It’s important to us to keep this in mind at every step of our business. We believe it is our responsibility to understand our impact and to do our best to find solutions.

Supporting Local

Transparency is the key to ensuring that anyone involved in the PLANT by Packwood supply chain is supported and empowered. We love to collaborate with local artists and businesses whose values align with our own. That way we know exactly where our product and packaging comes from, how it is made, and who is making it. These are the people who help to make the PLANT by Packwood dream come true and supporting our local community of artists is something we greatly value.  

Our community page is coming soon, where you can meet the makers behind our products.

Reducing Our Impact

Understanding each resource we use to make and sell our products allows us to find ways to use those resources as responsibly as possible. Where possible, we use recycled materials for our packaging. If not, we ensure that the materials can be recycled after use. Recycling and building a circular economy allows us to reduce our reliance on extracting resources from nature, preserving these precious resources for a more sustainable future.

Acknowledging Our History

We believe it’s incredibly important to acknowledge the impact of colonisation on our land’s ability to flourish and regenerate. By continuing to deny First Nations’ their right to land, we are creating barriers to the protection and cultivation of the natural resources that the land has to offer. We pay our deepest respect to First Nations elders past, present and emerging, to First Nations connection to land and water, and to First Nations communities across the continent. We believe that practicing this respect and converting it to action is imperative to creating a better future for our country. As a first step, we are committed to contributing 5% of our profits to Pay the Rent.