Our Story

Plant by Packwood began as a story of love; when its founder Bayden created his first terrarium as a gift for his partner on Valentine's day. The concept of bringing a piece of nature into city homes was one that resonated with the couple's friends and families. Soon after, Bayden was building custom terrariums for homes all throughout Melbourne.

In 2016, the Plant by Packwood store opened in the Rose St Artist's Market in Fitzroy. As the first permanent fixture at the market, the unique greenhouse became a hub for plant enthusiasts.

In 2020, Bayden's treasured friend Han became the new custodian of the Plant community at the Rose St Market, with her business Plants of Colour. Plant by Packwood moved out of the market greenhouse and became a purely online business, in order to focus on new product concepts and progressive terrarium designs.

Bayden's passion for design, horticulture and sustainability has motivated the evolution of Plant by Packwood into a platform for collaborations with local artists; for unique, bespoke designs; and for building connections between urban living and the natural environment.