What is this?

Our “Callisto” terrarium is a glass vessel within which you can build your own self sufficient terrarium, or use for any creative purpose such as the display of small and beautiful objects.

How is the Callisto terrarium made?

Our terrariums are carefully hand blown by Thomas Yeend of YEEND Designs at his glass studio in Adelaide. Each terrarium is the result of human artistry and is therefore entirely unique.

How do I turn my Callisto into a terrarium?

See our instructions here: How To Make A Terrarium. If you have more specific questions, please feel free to get in touch or visit our instagram page for inspiration.

What are your ethical and sustainability practices?

At Plant by Packwood we strive to make every step of our process as environmentally conscious as possible. Our products are locally made on a small scale to avoid waste and shipping mileage. We are an extremely small business, born of two friends who love to create beautiful things and each step of the manufacturing process is done by hand by Thomas Yeend of YEEND Designs.

Our terrariums are made of glass, and are a 100% recyclable material. Our product packaging is printed in Melbourne within 10 kilometers of our base of operations. All of our packaging materials which include the cardboard box, thank you card, cardboard hex wrap, mailer bag and all mailer stickers are all entirely recyclable or compostable.

For a full breakdown of our ethical and sustainability practices, head here.

What if my terrarium breaks?

While we use best practices in forming your terrarium, it is ultimately glass and therefore fragile. We recommend keeping it out of reach of children or pets that may knock it to the ground. As each product is the result of significant crafting time, we are unable to provide replacements for broken terrariums. Of course, if something happens and you would like to purchase a lid or base replacement, please get in touch and we can add it to our next production run.

What if I change my mind?

You are able to ship your undamaged and unopened terrarium back to Plant by Packwood if you change your mind using the return shipping address, once we receive your undamaged return we will refund your payment in full.